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A web based graphical interface for the Andover Controls
AC256 and AC256 Plus systems.

Open Platform
  • Browser Interface
  • No special software required on user PCs
  • Unlimited Licenses (no user limit)

Secure & Reliable Access
  • True Multi-user Access
  • User Level Access (3 levels of permission)
  • User Activity Monitoring and Logging
  • Internal Messaging between Users

Intuitive User Interface
  • Customized Navigation and User Defined Views
  • Customized Graphics
  • Real-time Viewing
  • Friendly Point Names
  • Easy Point Searching and Drum Control Lookup

Practical Programming
  • Easy Access to View or Modify Control Programs
  • Cut and Paste Programming
  • Copy a Program within or between Controllers
  • Point Name Substitutes within Drums
  • Watch Window of Point Values and Line Positions
  • Single Click of Drum Rotation

Intelligent Data Collection
  • Extended History Collection and Archival
  • Graphical Trending of Points
  • Auto-Ranging and Multi-Interval Graphing

Dependable Alarming
  • Alarms sent to Multiple Email or SMS Text Message Accounts
  • Controller Off-line or Memory Loss Alarms

Easy Backups & Reloads
  • Scheduled Automatic Backups
  • Single Click Backups and Reloads

web.EMS User Manual

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